I Grew Up On A Farm was one of only ten books in the primary reader category nominated for the prestigious 2008 Charlotte Award by the New York State Reading Association.


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I Grew Up on a Farm,
by Alan K. Lewis

ISBN-13: 987-0-9766805-2-9
ISBN-10: 0-9766805-2-1
Hardcover, Quality Library Binding
32 pgs. Early Reader
Ages 4 & up

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what they say

... a wonderful teaching guide about life on a farm in New York State.

Carole McDonnell
Preschool Entertainment

...incredibly detailed... incredibly useful."

-Rose Huston
Book Reviewer, Submitted to Amazon and B&N

This book is a treasure.

-Melissa Parcel, BookLoons Reviews

a fresh idea on a learning children's book...a great read, a great story.

-Shirley P. Johnson


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About Mr. Lewis:

Mr. Lewis created, maintains and operates the “IGrewUpOnAFarm.com” web site (this “Site”) as a complement to his non-fiction children’s book, I Grew Up On A Farm, to provide ancillary learning materials and to promote the book in general to parents, teachers, librarians, and any other interested parties.

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